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What we do

For more than 45 years, professional genealogists at Debrett Ancestry Research have been helping families to discover and document their ancestors.

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All walks of life

Our clients have included celebrities and peers, but to us every family history is of equal importance and fascination. We can help you to discover more about your ancestry, whether you are new to genealogy research, or have reached a point in tracing your family tree at which you need a professional genealogist.

Choose a programme

Choose one of our Ancestry Research programmes for a professional, meticulously presented exploration of your British family history. The results will be a lasting resource for your family. Our reports and family trees are detailed and attractively presented, and make excellent gifts for a special occasion.


The Internet has revolutionised genealogy. However, computers have not (yet…) replaced experience and expert analysis. Online family trees need to be treated with great caution. And there are still discoveries to be made off the beaten track, for example in old periodicals or obscure printed sources.

Keeping it safe

An online family tree may seem like a good way of recording a family’s past, but it should be regarded as at best a convenient tool. We believe that family history is too precious, and often too complex, to be entrusted to cyberspace. There is no substitute for meticulous and painstaking research, set out with care and precision in a printed document that can be handed down to the next generation.

Taking it further

Having completed one of our research programmes, you might want to come back for more: to explore a different surname line, or to push the ancestry as far back in time as possible. When we have traced a family back as far as we can (or as far as you want us to) some clients choose to take the family history a step further, by commissioning a bespoke Family Biography: this is a professionally written, illustrated history of the family from the earliest known times up to the present. 

It isn't always easy...

Every family history is different, and there can be pitfalls along the way: a birth that wasn’t recorded, a change of name, a family that travelled widely, leaving few records behind them. We can’t promise to break through all brick walls, but our long years of professional research experience count for a great deal, and we welcome challenging cases.

Your family history

Discover the makings of your ancestors. The hardships, the triumphs, the disappointments, the joys that contributed to where you and your family are today. Let us turn this into a permanent record for you and future generations.

Our ancestry services

We offer three levels of in-depth ancestry research, Limited, Standard and Extended, all of which lead to a professionally presented, bound report. Every project is different, and no genealogist can predict the outcome of research with any certainty. If you are not sure which programme to choose, use our Free Assessment service for advice, with no obligation to proceed.

When we have traced your ancestry back as far as we can, or as far as you wish, we can create from this a Family Biography: a detailed, illustrated history of your family from the earliest known generation up to the present. This is when your family history will really begin to come to life.

Debrett’s pedigree charts are unique, using our own in-house design procedure to create an attractive and detailed summary of your ancestry. We can combine information provided at the outset with what we subsequently discover.

“I am truly impressed by the quality of your work and also very grateful. There is so much in the report that I did not know and would never have discovered without Debrett’s professional help.”

S Coffey, Ireland

About us

High quality, professional genealogical research 

In addition to our in-house team of professional genealogists, our nationwide network of expert ancestry researchers provides access to archives throughout the UK and Ireland.

High quality research

Fair pricing

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“I would like to offer you my profound gratitude for the research that has been undertaken ….  The professional approach which you have adopted throughout has been exceptional.”

D. Caldwell, Qatar

“Thank you very much for your excellent work on my family. You clearly put in a lot of hard work and I am certain I got more than my money’s worth (as I always have with Debrett).”

G Todd, USA.


“I found the revelations in the bound research copy thorough, pleasing, stunning. Thank you for all that you have found and revealed to me.”

(B K Deaville, Staffordshire)

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