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"Thank you so much for
your beautiful report that arrived safely yesterday.
I have read, read and re-read
it with absolute fascination
and intrigue..."

(M Jones, Australia)

Ancestry research

A Debrett report is much more than just names and dates: the results are analysed, interpreted and documented in full detail, and the presentation of our reports and charts is second to none.

We offer a choice of three programmes of ancestry research:

• Standard

For the majority of cases, including those where research has already been carried out, we recommend our Standard Programme (£495). As a rough guide, if your earliest known ancestor was born around 1900 in England, Wales or Scotland, we would expect to trace back three or four further generations within our Standard Programme; in some cases we might find more and in others less. We recommend concentrating on one surname within this programme.

• Limited

The Limited Programme (£295) is simply a shorter version of the Standard Programme. This programme is not suitable for research outside the UK, or for very early or complex research projects. We recommend concentrating on one surname within this programme.

• Extended

The Extended Programme (£750) is intended for clients wishing to research two surname lines, or for particularly complex or early research.

Every project is different, and no genealogist can predict the outcome of research with any certainty, so our fees are based on the length of time we spend on research. If you are not certain which programme to choose, use our Free Assessment service for advice, with no obligation to proceed.

Research Priorities

Unless directed otherwise, our main priority will be to take the family as far back in time as we can, in the time allowed. If you have other priorities or areas of interest, please let us know when placing your order. Please note that in English research we do not routinely obtain death certificates.


Tracing back
from 1935

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Tracing back
from 1655

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What we provide

Whichever programme you choose, at the end of it you will receive:

  • a bound narrative report that describes and analyses the results of research in full detail
  • an individually designed family tree (usually A3 in size)
  • copies of documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, and census returns
  • a full list of sources examined
  • advice on further research possibilities
How long will it take?

Timings will vary according to where the records are, but on average we complete our programmes in two to three months, and sooner if the records are immediately accessible. If you have a particular deadline and research is to be a gift, we recommend our Gift Card Service.

What we need from you

Some of our clients know very little about their family at the outset; others have been carrying out research for many years. The important rule is to tell us what you do know, so that we spend the budget as efficiently as possible.

The key information will be dates and places of birth, marriage and death, but details such as occupations and religious denominations are also helpful. You can submit this information by post or email, or by using our online Family Tree Form. Copies of birth and marriage certificates etc are always welcome if you have them.

Please send us full details of any research that has already been carried out.

We are always happy to provide a Free Assessment of the information you have already, to ensure that research will be worthwhile.


To set research in motion

If you are now ready to order a programme of research, please proceed to our Ordering and Payment page.