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"Popular misconception:
Kith and kin - kith are not kin, but the (other) people
we know."

Genealogy resources

Adoption Search Reunion: An invaluable resource for adopted people, birth relatives and adoptive relatives. Web Site of the Pilgrim Edward Doty Society, for descendants and others interested in Edward Doty, passenger on the Mayflower and signatory of the Mayflower Compact, who landed with the other Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts on December 21, 1620. Includes reports commissioned from Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd.

eXpert Genealogy ProfessionalsThis website lists independent companies and individuals who provide genealogy related products and services including professional genealogical research. These services are listed in directories organized by geographic and research specialties. Family research resources. including workshops, genealogy speakers and events.

National Explore over 1,000 years of history from Domesday to the present, plus a wide range of help and resources.

National Archives: The National Archives of Ireland - hold much material relevant to genealogy researchers. The public record office for Northern Ireland - the records include Government Departments, Courts, Local Authorities, and private depositors.

British Culture and Sites for Expats

Rampant Everything about Scotland, including architecture, history and places to visit.

Your Nostalgic memories from all over Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) including reminiscences of wartime UK.


Directories Search services - US people search and background checks.

General interest sites for the older surfer