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"There is a history
in all men's lives."

(William Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 2.)

Family Biographies

When we have traced your ancestry back as far as we can, or as far as you wish, we can create from this a Family Biography: a detailed, illustrated history of your family from the earliest known generation up to the present. This is when your family history will really begin to come to life. As part of our Family Biography Service we first carry out additional genealogical research to fill in any gaps in the story and to tie up loose ends. Then

  • we interweave your family's history with relevant historical and geographical background, so that your ancestors are seen in their historical and local context.
  • we include as much information as you want about the achievements of recent generations.
  • we illustrate the family history with maps, photographs and drawings This is a highly individualised service and we work closely with each client to achieve the result that they want to hand down to future generations. The final version of your Family Biography can be produced in our standard format, or we can arrange to have it hand-bound in leather or commercially printed in as many copies as you like. Costs are quoted on an individual basis.

For further information please visit our Family Biographies website