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Ancestry Research

A Debrett genealogy report and family tree

We offer a choice of three Ancestry Research Programmes:

1. Standard

Our Standard Programme (£550) is our most popular genealogy package and is suitable for most cases, whether your starting point is in the recent past or centuries earlier. We recommend that we concentrate on one surname line within this programme.

2. Limited

The Limited Programme (£340) is simply a shorter version of the Standard Programme, so it is not suitable for research outside the UK, or for very early or complex genealogy. Similarly, we recommend working on one surname line within this programme.

3. Extended

The Extended Programme (£835) is suitable for clients beginning ancestry research on two surname lines. For example, you might want to divide this programme between your mother’s and your father’s genealogy. However, it is also suitable for any genealogical research project that is complex or particularly challenging.

Most of our reports are accompanied by a Family Tree (usually A3). This will be individually designed to be a visual aid to your report; in addition, it provides a detailed summary of our findings.

Need some advice on which to choose?

Our charges are for our time, and for any documents we obtain. Because every family history project is different, no professional genealogist can predict the outcome of research with certainty. However, if you are uncertain which programme to choose, use our Free Assessment service for advice. There will be no obligation to proceed.


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Research Priorities

Our main priority will be to trace your ancestors as far back as we can, in the time allowed. Therefore, if you have other priorities, or areas of your family history that you would like to explore, please let us know when placing your order. Please note that we do not always obtain death certificates for each ancestor. We will not research recent generations, unless you ask us to do so. However, we can include details of current generations on the family tree, from information you provide.

What we provide

Whichever ancestry research programme you choose, at the end of it you will receive:

  • a bound report that describes and analyses the ancestry research in full detail. (PDF copies can also be supplied.)
  • an individually designed family tree (usually A3 in size)
  • copies of documents such as birth, marriage and death certificates, and census returns
  • a full list of the sources that we have used
  • advice on further research possibilities
How long will it take?
Timings will vary according to where the records are: on average we complete our ancestry research programmes within two to three months. However, if you have a particular deadline, please do let us know, and if the research is to be a gift, we recommend our Gift Pack Service.
What we need from you

Some people know very little about their family history at the outset, while others have been carrying out genealogy research for many years. The important rule is to tell us what you do know, so that we spend your funds as efficiently as possible.

The key information in genealogy consists of dates and places of birth, marriage and death. However, details such as occupations, addresses and religion are also helpful. You can send us this information by post or email, or by using our online Family Tree Form. Copies of birth, marriage and death certificates are always welcome if you have them.

Please also send us full details of any family history research that has already been carried out, so that we don’t duplicate anything unnecessarily.

We are always happy to provide a Free Assessment of the information you have already. While we can’t predict the outcome in detail, this can give you an idea of what sort of results to expect.

Thank you so much for your beautiful report that arrived safely yesterday. I have read, read and re-read it with absolute fascination and intrigue…

M Jones, Australia

A Debrett genealogy report is much more than just names and dates. The results are interpreted and documented in full detail, and the presentation of our reports and charts is second to none.

To set research in motion

If you are now ready to order a programme of ancestry research, please go to our Ordering and Payment page.


Family Biographies

“There is a history
in all men’s lives.”

(William Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 2.)

Have we already traced your ancestry back as far as we can, or as far as you want us to? Would you like everything to be drawn together into a single, lasting book that you can hand down to future generations? If so, we should be delighted to write your Family Biography. In other words, we can create a detailed, illustrated history of your family from the earliest known generation up to the present. Our Ancestry Research reports describe our research, but a Family Biography sets out your family’s story, in chronological order. This is where your genealogy will really come to life.

Creating your Family Biography

As part of our Family Biography service we usually carry out some additional genealogy research to fill in any gaps in the story and to tie up loose ends. Then, we will

  • Example of hand-bound Family Biography with leather triminterweave your family history with some historical and geographical background, so that your ancestors are seen in their historical and local context.
  • include as much information as you want about recent generations.
  • illustrate the book, for example with maps, photographs and documents.

The final format

This is a highly individual service, and the choice of final format will be yours. The final version can be produced in our standard format, or we can arrange to have it bound or printed in as many copies as you like. Costs are quoted on an individual basis.


For further information on our Family Biographies service please email us at info@debrettancestry.co.uk or call us on 01962 841904.

Pedigree Charts (Family Trees)

Family Tree

We are all nobly born; fortunate those who know it; blessed those who remember.

L Stevenson, Letter, 1891

Debrett’s pedigree charts (family trees) are unique, since we use our own in-house design procedure to create an attractive and detailed summary of your genealogy. In most cases, we provide one or more of these genealogical charts with each programme of ancestry research. These charts will usually combine the information you provide with what we discover.

Larger Pedigree Charts

We can also create pedigree charts (family trees) from your own information alone, and we are experienced in the layout of complex family pedigrees. For instance, some family trees might be best presented as a booklet of A3 pages. Others can be displayed on a single page, suitable for framing. Our printers can create beautiful, high-quality charts on acid-free paper from A3 up to A0 in size. Alternatively, we can supply the artwork electronically as a PDF. Every family tree is different, and for that reason we charge for this service on an individual basis.

Free quotations

For an obligation-free quotation and layout advice for your pedigree chart (family tree), please send us a copy of the exact information you wish to be shown. Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd, PO Box 379, Winchester, SO23 9YQ, United Kingdom. Email: info@debrettancestry.co.uk.


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