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"I am absolutely delighted with our House History. This is an extremely well produced document, beautifully put together. I would expect this to make an excellent gift for those lucky enough to live in a house of historic interest."
(Dr J Sargent, Hampshire)

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Tracing House History since the 1980s

Since the 1980s, Debrett Ancestry Research has helped people trace the history of houses and properties in the UK, from humble cottages to extensive

Trace your House History

If you live in an old property, or have recently bought one, you may wonder from time to time about the history of your house and its former inhabitants: who lived there before you? Every old house has its secrets and, while we cannot promise to uncover them all, a programme of research will certainly find something of interest.

House History: England, Scotland, Wales

Our UK House History Research is available for the history of houses in England, Scotland and Wales. Tracing house history involves researching a wide range of sources (largely unavailable online) to compile as complete a picture as possible of the history of houses. We carry out as much research as we can within a standard budget of £850 and send you a bound narrative report.

If further research is feasible, we advise accordingly. A line drawing of the property can also be arranged for you if required.


Before we begin tracing your House History

Before we can begin to trace your house history, we need a large-scale map showing the property and at least one photograph. It is also very important to
obtain copies of any title deeds available (which may be held by your solicitor or mortgage company). If you are sure that no title deeds survive, we ask for a
copy of the Land Registry certificate.

To order your House History Research, please download our House History Order Form.

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