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"A tangled and, to me, fascinating history has been uncovered and presented in such detail that I am quite in awe at your expertise"
(D James, Bedfordshire)

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Our people


Dr Susan Morris, Director of Research

Susan studied English and History at Durham University, graduating in 1980 with a first class honours degree in English. She remained at Durham for postgraduate study in the field of British ballad history, in which she was awarded a doctorate in 1985. After working in the publishing industry for two years, Susan joined Debrett Ancestry Research in 1985, becoming a Director in 1987. She has published articles on the subject of oral history and co-authored The History of Offwell. Special interests: the oral tradition in genealogy, social history.

Gervase Belfield, Consultant Genealogist

Gervase was born in Winchester in 1953 and was educated at Ampleforth College, Yorkshire. He graduated with a B.A. (Hons) degree in History from Southampton University in 1976 and was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1979. Gervase joined Debrett Ancestry Research in 1980. He is the author and co-author of several articles and books of historical and genealogical interest including 'Cardinal Beaufort and his Almshouse at St Cross', The History of Offwell and The Six Month Kingdom: Albania 1914. Special interests: medieval history, Catholic history, Balkan history.

Wendy Bosberry-Scott, Associate Genealogist

Wendy joined Debrett Ancestry Research in 1995 as a genealogist and office manager. She worked as an editor for five years in the field of independent education, has studied local and social history at Southampton University and is the author of a genealogical study of the family of Jane Austen. Special interests: peerage and baronetage, local history.


Local Specialists

In addition, our nationwide network of more than 40 expert researchers provides access to archives throughout the UK and Ireland.