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"I found the revelations in the bound research copy thorough, pleasing, stunning. Thank you for all that you have found and revealed to me."
(B K Deaville, Staffordshire)

Research as a gift

Research programmes make ideal gifts for special occasions, and the high-quality presentation of our reports and family tree charts make them particularly suitable.

There are two options:

GIFT Debrett reportPACK (recommended)

Select a research programme and select the gift option when you place your order. We will send a gift pack, either to you or to the recipient. This comprises a gift card, a brochure and a blank family tree form, so that the recipient can provide the starting information. Gift packs are valid for up to two years.



If you would rather commission the research yourself, as a surprise gift, do obtain as much starting information as possible from family members. As a rough guide, a Standard Programme will take two to three months to complete, but this cannot be guaranteed. Need more advice? Contact us at or call 01962 841904