The History of Miserden, Gloucestershire

Compiled by Debrett Ancestry Research as a millennium project for the owner in 2000. Traces the history of the beautiful village and estate of Miserden in Gloucestershire, from the 11th century through to the Wills family who currently own the estate. 95 pages, including photographs, historical maps and pull-out family trees. A fascinating read, especially for those familiar with Miserden. £18 incl UK P&P. Available from the Miserden Estate Office (estate.office@miserden.org) or online via the Miserden website.

The History of Colwell Wood and Cottage

Colwell Wood Cottage stands in a clearing in the heart of Colwell Wood, near Honiton in Devon. The rich history of this small and seemingly insignificant estate has been traced through nine centuries, from the Domesday Book to the present. Like many such estates, Colwell was frequently fragmented and put together again, so the story is a complex one. Generously illustrated and fully referenced, this volume is the fruit of decades of painstaking research. It will be of value to anyone interested in the history of Devon, but above all it demonstrates that no matter how small and apparently humble a piece of English property may be, dig deep and a rich and fascinating history will emerge.

Who Did She Think She Was?

In 1820 a London solicitor’s daughter, Anne Spencer, married a man who was so far removed from her immediate social circle that her father disinherited her. Anne’s husband, William Humphreys, by whom she went on to have nine children, was an illiterate cowman. Anne and her father were probably unaware of just how illustrious their ancestry was. Through a succession of ‘gateway ancestors’, research into the Spencer family history led to a network of titled families, to the royal households of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Europe, and ultimately to Charlemagne and the ancient royal dynasties of Russia and Sweden. This book charts Anne Humphreys’ royal descent through thirteen chapters, including the genealogy of the Spencer, Leigh, Carew, Browne, Fitzalan (or Arundel), Despenser, De Clare, Mautravers, De Warenne and D’Aubigny families. Each chapter is illustrated by a family tree which serves as a visual aid to the narrative.

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